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General Information

General Information

General Information For Parents

Communication with the School

  • Always keep the school informed when your child/ward is not able to attend school. you may contact the General Office at 63620598.
  • Please check your child’s/ward’s Pupils’ Companion daily and respond by signing in it. Parents/Guardian may also use the Pupils’ Companion to communicate with the teachers; you will need to get your child/ward to inform the teachers concerned and the teachers will initial next to your message to acknowledge that he/she has read it.
  • Parents/guardian can call to arrange for an appointment with teachers for discussions before/after school hours but not during curriculum hours.
  • Parents/guardian may email to any staff member. Email addresses can be obtained from our website.

Leaving the School before Dismissal

Pupils are not allowed to leave the school before dismissal unless an unforeseeable matter occurs at home or the child is unwell. Parents or authorised relative of at least 18 years old, are to come personally to the General Office and sign out in the record book before taking the child/ward home.


Absence from School

Parents should ensure the regular attendance of their children at school. Any absence must be covered by a medical certificate or a letter from parents / guardians.

School Canteen

Parents and outsiders are not allowed to patronise the school canteen. This is to ensure that we do not experience food shortage for our children.

Matters on Examinations

Absence from examinations

  • If a pupil is absent due to medical reason, Valid Reason (VR) is recorded in place of marks. Absence must be supported by a medical certificate(MC). Pupils will not be allowed to retake the examinations. This is to ensure the integrity of the examination paper.
  • If a pupil is absent without a valid reason, he/she will not be awarded any marks.


Visits to Our School

Parents who wish to see the teachers are advised to make an appointment with the teachers before any visits.

Parents are to obtain a Visitor’s Pass from the security booth at the main gate when they arrive in school and then proceed to the General Office for assistance. No parent or visitor will be permitted in the classroom blocks. Teachers, as well as non-teaching staff, have been instructed to stop visitors from proceeding to any of the classroom blocks.

Parking in the School

The school has limited parking lots for visitors. Please park your vehicle at the Multi Storey Car Park (Blk 728A) opposite the school.

Gate Entrances to the School

Your child/ ward can come into the school compound through any of the gates. Only Gate A is opened during school hours. For the safety of our pupils, all other gates will have restricted opening hours (on normal school days), as follows:

  • 6.30 a.m. to 7.45 a.m.
  • 11.40 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.
  • 6.00 p.m. to 6.15 p.m.

Please note that we do not have a zebra crossing warden at Gate D from 11.40 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.

Waiting Area

For safety reasons, parents should always arrange for their children to wait for them within the school compound.

Lost / Damaged Student EZ-link Card

For replacement of lost or damaged EZ-link Cards, pupils are to go to Ang Mo Kio Bus Interchange with 1 photograph and the Birth Certificate of pupil. For more information, please refer to

Updating of Particulars

  • Please inform your child’s/ ward’s class teacher whenever there is a change in your contact numbers or home address.Updated contact numbers are very important in the event of an emergency in school and parents / guardian need to be contacted.
  • Please also provide the latest information in your child’s/ward’s diary.


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