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English Syllabus and Programmes:

By the end of Primary education, pupils will be able to communicate effectively in English. They will be able to:

  • Use English language effectively and confidently when speaking, reading and writing
  • Listen, read and view critically and with accuracy, understanding and appreciation a wide range of fiction and non-fiction (informational / functional) texts from print and non-print sources
  • Speak, write and represent in internationally accepted English that is grammatical, fluent and appropriate for different purposes, audiences, contexts and cultures
  • Understand and use internationally acceptable English grammar and vocabulary for communication

Adapted from English Language Syllabus 2010


For teaching to be effective, teachers will identify and monitor pupils’ changing needs, abilities and interests so that they can modify or adapt their teaching methods to help pupils and provide them with opportunities to act on the feedback to improve their learning. Teachers will align assessment with the aims and learning outcomes in the syllabus. The pupils will be assessed formally and informally using different modes of assessment so that a wide range of skills, learner strategies, attitudes and behaviour can be developed, and the items and structures can be learned. The range of assessment modes and tasks include:

  • Formal/informal tests and quizzes
  • Holistic performance assessments that assess pupils’ skills in carrying out an activity, e.g. show and tell, giving an oral presentation, project work
  • Portfolios consisting of pupils’ written work and journals which record pupils’ reflections
  • Teacher-pupil conferencing on a written product in order to help pupils make improvements



The English Language Department is focused in developing our pupils to be confident and articulate speakers, having the ability and skills to achieve critical visual media literacy, and to be able to be avid readers and inspired writers.

Our pupils apply the 21st century skills of communication, critical and creative thinking and collaboration in their lessons and various oral presentations in class as well.

The pupils’ effective use of the English language is achieved through a strong foundation and rich language for all. The department adheres closely to this approach in the teaching of English, using the EL Syllabus 2010 as a guide.

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