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Our Key programmes are designed to generate interest , lay foundation , achieve excellence and develop champions by the end of the six years in Admiralty Primary School. To achieve this, the Tamil pupils go through the following programmes.

  • Tamil Ambassador Programme
  • Experiential learning through learning journeys
  • P3 Cultural Camp
  • P5 Language Camp
  • Touch Typing Programme (P1-P5)
  • Annual Literary Competition- Kalaithiran
  • P1-P2 Drama Programme
  • MTL Fortnight Activities
  • Reading Programme



A dynamic and inspiring department which ignites and developes learner’s passion for Tamil language and culture.


The Tamil Department is focused in inculcating passion in the learning of Tamil Language and appreciation of the Indian Culture in our pupils. We develop confident speakers to interact effectively with others using the Tamil Language. Our programmes lay the foundation for our pupils to be equipped with the 21 st century skills to achieve excellence in the Tamil language and build a strong rootedness in the Indian Culture. Through the usage of various teaching strategies and assessment tools the Tamil Department is committed in providing holistic education to all pupils.

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