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Infocomm Technology

Infocomm Technology



IT Structured Programme

iPad 1:1 Initiative = Curate.Create.Collaborate


A skill needed to sift through the mountains of new content created every day. Students need to know how to discover and discern what is truly meaningful and relevant and discard the rest.


Creating is at the top of Bloom’s taxonomy, it is a critical skill needed for the advancement of our society.  We must teach students skills to engage in non-routine cognitive work. The more they are made to think about issues and create or form solutions, the more able they will be. Key is to make them THINK more then DO. Not DO without Thinking.


In almost all cases, professions involve working with others and creating and curating within the groups. This means not only collaborating with the people next to you but globally and even virtually.

Structured ICT Lessons

  • P1 – Microsoft Word
  • P2 – Microsoft PowerPoint – MS Excel
  • P3 – Microsoft Excel

Advance IT courses

  • P4 – Computational Thinking – Coding
  • P5 – Computational Thinking – Advance Coding

Media Literacy

  • P1 to P6 – Cyber wellness

Cyber wellness programme aims to promote positive well-being of our pupils as responsible ICT users and inculcate a healthy cyber culture for the internet community. Pupils will understand the risks of harmful online behaviour and be aware of how to protect oneself and other internet users from such behaviour.



Equip students with the relevant ICT skills for the future to be independent and life-long learners.

“The good jobs in the future will involve both thinking and making and constant learning. We have to take advantage of new technologies to give every child a chance to be ready for quality jobs in the future. We should aspire to move beyond competence…towards mastering skills.” – Excerpts from Mr Tharman’s speech at the opening of the lifelong learning institute

The structured IT programme starts our pupils on their IT learning journey from Primary One to give our pupils a head-start as they continue their journey beyond Admiralty Primary School. This will thus enhance the quality of education by making learning more relevant to life.  We also strive to equip our staff with the necessary IT skills, tools and equipment in order to aid them in enhancing learning for our pupils.

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