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Arts@Admiralty aims to:

inculcate the love for the Arts among the
children create opportunities for students to be involved in the Arts outside of formal curriculum
provide a leadership platform for Arts Ambassadors to lead their schoolmates in the Arts

Art Jamming aims to:

develop a more confident self among the staff and non-staff through creating and sharing of their art works
develop a repertoire of artistic skills among the staff and non-staff
create an art-rich experience among the staff and non-staff.
This year, works created were sold at various platforms such as at the recent Mosaic @ The Republic Polytechnic and all proceeds will benefit the Rainbow Centre.

aRtsV is a good platform to engage students aesthetically.This year, students who are talent-scouted in either playing musical instruments or dancing would showcase their talent on the stage. Such platform enables students to build their confidence and at the same time, affirms their capability in the aesthetic domain.

The Talent Development Programme aims to:

Stretch our students’ potential in their passion and strength
Develop further our students’ skills, knowledge and attitude towards their area of specialisation.
Currently, we run the Talent Development Programme for our Malay Dancers as well as for our budding Artists.

Physical Education Programmes:

P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6
Games & Sports
(focuses on mastery of fundamental motor skills and concepts)
Games & Sports
(extends on the mastery of discrete skills to focus on more complex combinations and sequences of movements, and skills application in more recognisation forms of activity and games)
(enhances overall body management and control through creative interpretation of movement and sequence)
(enables students to express and communicate feelings and ideas through exploration, creation and performance)
Outdoor Education
(develops appropriate outdoor skills through physical activities while cultivating an attitude of care and appreciation for the environment, and thoughtful considerations of the risks and safety of self and others)
Physical Health & Fitness
(focuses on developing self-directed learners who see meaning in their sustained physical and health endeavours)

(focuses on running, jumping and throwing activities that promote both personal striving and comparison)

Swimming (Swimsafer) NAPFA                                NAPFA


Key Programmes:

P1 & 2: Programme for Active Learning (PAL) – Sports & Games, Outdoor Education, Music, Drama & Visual Arts
P2: Talent Identification
P3: Swimsafer
P4: Adventure & Character Camp
P5: Fitness Challenge
P6: Games Creation Project
P1 to 6: Sports Education Programme (SEP)
P4 to 6: Happy FIT


Aesthetics, Arts and Music Leadership Physical Education
Art  leader  PE
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