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Cross Cultural Programme (CCP)

In line with Learning for Life Programme (LLP), Admiralty Primary School has launched a Cross Cultural Programme (CCP) since 2015 to teach our students cross-cultural skills to help pupils interact effectively with people of different cultures, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds in a multi-cultural Singapore. Pupils learn the ABC of cultural understanding in Appreciating Diversity, Building Relationships and Clarifying Choices, CCP for P2 to P5 will drive its objectives through SEL, SS, CCE (MT) and EL (Reading) lessons, tying in the Learning Journeys (P2-P4) and OLJs for P5. We want pupils to be alert, observing and questioning different cultural practices in class and beyond through interviews and research. The programme culminates with project presentations and gallery walks/displays in class and/or as a level.

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