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Mobile Phone Policy

The school DOES NOT allow students to possess or use mobile phones in school.

  1. Reasons for Not Allowing Possession or Use of Mobile Phone
    • Examination guidelines states that students are not to be found in possession of mobile phone during examinations.
    • Mobile phone is disruptive to teaching and learning in the classroom as students can be distracted by SMS and other multimedia programmes
  2. Communicating with Your Child During School Hours 
      If you need to contact your child during school hours, you could call the General Office at Tel: 63620598. There are two coin phones located at the canteen for your child to make telephone calls. In urgent situations, students are also allowed to make telephone calls from the General Office.
  3. Monitoring Your Child’s After School Hours
      A large number of parents have indicated that they wish to monitor their child’s after-school activities through mobile phones. All after-school programmes would be made known in advance via consent forms and any subsequent changes would be notified by letters or phone calls. It is also important to inculcate a sense of responsibility in your child and nurture a habit in them to inform you parents of their activities and whereabouts.
  4. Confiscation and Collection
      In the event that your child/ward is found in the possession of a mobile phone, the Form Teacher or Staff Member would notify you and make the necessary arrangements for you to collect the mobile phone personally.
  5. Mobile phones lost in school
      In the event that your child brings a mobile phone and loses it in school, he/she is advised to report the incident immediately to any teacher or Staff Member. The school reserves the right not to conduct a search for the lost mobile phone as this results in a loss of valuable curriculum time. However, the Form Teacher or Staff Member would inform you of the incident.
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