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School Bag Policy And Template

Your SMART bag to a healthy back.

Self – discipline : Only take what you need, plan and pack ahead for the next school day.
Must carry right : Carry your bag using both straps of the haversack bag over both the shoulders. Onestrap bag or carrying on just ones shoulder can put unnecessary weight on your spine.
Avoid heavy material : Choose light weight materials for pencil case, bag, lunch box and water bottle to lighten your load. Do not use trolley bags as they are heavy and not user-friendly when you use the stairs.
Rest : Give your shoulders a rest whenever possible e.g. while waiting at the bus stops and assembly area.
Take good care
of your posture
: Bad posture can lead to pains in the back and shoulders. Care for your posture and stay healthy.


Pupils should be carrying weight of between 10 – 15% of their body weight. Are you observing the SMART way? Let’s find out.

Date My Weight Weight of my bag Acceptable weight of bag Excess weight What can I do Signature of parent

To encourage responsibility and self-directedness, parents are discouraged from sending items forgotten by their child/ward.

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