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School Rules

A) Behaviour

  1. Pupils must be courteous and respectful to everyone at all times.
  2. Pupils should greet teachers, all other school staff, parents and visitors to the school.
  3. Pupils should be on their best behaviour at all times even outside the school.
  4. Pupils must show care and concern for everyone they meet in the school and the community.
  5. Pupils must have a positive attitude. They should complete their homework neatly and hand it in to the teacher punctually.
  6. Pupils must keep their classrooms and the school premises clean at all times.
  7. Pupils must move briskly and in an orderly manner in the school.
  8. Pupils must handle all school equipment and property with care.


B) Attire

  1. Pupils should be neatly and properly attired. Pupils are to wear the prescribed school uniform and modification to the uniform is not allowed.
  2. It is compulsory for pupils to wear the school T-shirt and shorts for PE lessons. They are allowed to be in their PE attire for the whole day on their PE days.
  3. Prefects should wear their tie and pin when in school uniform. When in PE attire, they should clip their pin on their collar.
  4. Pupils must also be properly attired on Saturdays and at all school functions and activities.
  5. Pupils are required to have their name tag sewn on the school uniform as well as the PE T-shirt.


C) Appearance

Pupils must not wear any accessories, jewellery or make-up to school. Girls may wear a pair of small ear studs.


1. Pupils must keep their hair in their natural colour.
2. Hair should not touch the collar and eyebrows.


3. Boys should keep their hair short and neat. Hair should not touch the ears, collars or eyebrows.
4. Boys are not allowed to pierce ears or wear ear studs/earrings/ ear sticks. They must be clean-shaven and are not allowed to spot facial hair including a moustache.


5. Girls with long hair should plait or tie their hair neatly. All hair accessories must be BLACK in colour.
6. Fringe should not touch eyebrow. Girls with long fringe should pin it up neatly.
7. Pupils must keep their nails short, clean and free from nail polish or any artificial enhancements.


D) Punctuality/ Attendance

  1. Pupils must attend school regularly and punctually.
  2. AM session: Pupils must be assembled in the school parade square/ hall by 7.30am.
  3. PM session: Pupils must be in the school hall by 11.45am.


E) Flag Raising/Lowering Ceremony

  1. Pupils must observe the flag raising/lowering ceremony with dignity and respect.
  2. Pupils must assemble in an orderly manner for the ceremony.
  3. Pupils who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the pledge. Pupils will take the pledge with the right fist placed over the heart.
  4. All pupils must sing the school song and recite the Pupils’ Creed.
  5. A pupil who is absent from school must submit a Medical Certificate or a letter or excuse from their parents, upon his/her return to school.
  6. A pupil who is absent from CCA or remedial / supplementary / enrichment lessons must submit a Medical Certificate or a letter or excuse from their parents, to the teacher concerned.
  7. Pupils attending extra lessons or CCA may not leave the school for lunch or other reasons without the consent or the teacher concerned.
  8. In cases of emergency or when the pupil is unwell, the parent/ guardian has to fetch the child and sign out in the general office.


F) Unauthorised Materials

  1. Use of correction tape / fluid is disallowed.
  2. Pupils are to refrain from bringing/ using electronic gadgets to school.
  3. Only e-dictionaries and scientific calculators (P5 and P6) are allowed.


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