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Parents’ Support Group (PSG)

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PSG Vision
To work in partnership with the school to nurture the holistic development of our children to their fullest potential.

PSG Mission
To support the school’s efforts in creating a conducive learning environment for our children and foster a close relationship with teachers, parents and pupils.

Main Objectives
The Parent Support Group (PSG) at Admiralty Primary School was establish in 2002.

The aim of the Parent Support Group (PSG) at Admiralty Primary School is to support the school’s programmes and to foster a good relationship between parents and teachers. PSG aims to:

  • Promote parents involvement with the school and it’s programmes by raising awareness of school activities
  • Represent parents’ interest
  • Enhance communication between school teachers and parents
  • Foster educational partnership
  • Help advance school’s values and vision
  • Be a role model, by demonstrating to your child the importance you place on education
  • Provide a feedback channel for the school.


Principal – Mr Albert Alfred Alcantara
Vice Principal – Mr Jay Mahardale
– Mdm Tan Pin Pin
HOD Partnership – Mdm Lee Cher Hiang Christine


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