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High Performance Mindset for Personal Leadership aka “Performance Character”

While moral character is foundational in a life of character, character education must also develop students’ performance character such as effort, diligence, and perseverance in order to promote academic learning (and eventually work) and foster an ethic of excellence. Consider what happens if one has moral character without performance character. One can have good intentions but a poor ability to execute. One might want to help others but lack the organization, ingenuity, and perseverance to carry it out effectively. This LLP programme aims to improve students’ ability to work, their work ethics, provide them with the skills and to raise their confidence to pursue work excellence; qualities needed to become successful adults.

The school believes that mindset is a powerful tool that shape our lives. When it comes to any performance context, a person with a “growth mindset” thrives on challenges, believes that effort will lead to mastery and sees failures as opportunities to learn and improve. Such intrapersonal competencies are pivotal in nurturing our students into confident persons and self-directed learners, 21 st CC student outcomes.

The school will imbue in our students, performance character in the five identified areas: Challenges, Obstacles, Effort, Criticism and Success of Others through 3 A’s – Awareness (Cognitive), Attitude (Emotional) and Action (Behaviour). In order to achieve all the 3 domains, there will be explicit teachings of the skills to develop the students’ performance character as well as put in place authentic learning experiences for students so they can put all that they have learned to practice. To further enhance self-directedness, pupil will be meta-cognitively engaged with active reflection and self-assessment.

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