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The Junior Entrepreneurship Programme aims at introducing to pupils business and economic concepts, entrepreneurship skills and qualities, through an integration of the English, Mathematics and Art & Craft curriculum. Through this enterprising experience and journey, pupils learn to be more creative, critical, innovative and resilient. They also learn to be better team players, risk takers and thrive in the face of setbacks.

Target Group  : Primary Six pupils

Duration           : 4 weeks programme (Term 4 Week 7 to week 10)


Programme Content:

The programme provides an authentic learning opportunity for pupils to understand the characteristics of an entrepreneur and the mechanics behind running a business. During the programme, pupils acquire an in-depth understanding of the basic requirements for business formation. They learn about market research survey to understand the demand for products and their marketability. They also learn about product design and development, production, pricing and marketing strategies. The pupils then proceed to develop their products in teams and market them in a bazaar. At the end of the programme, pupils learn about income management and complete their reflection and evaluation of the programme with their teachers.

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