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We believe that every child is a potential ARIF BUDIMAN – the learned person who contributes to society.

A Learning Culture

  • Free exchange and flow of information
  • Commitment to learning and personal  development
  • Valuing people ideas, creativity
  • Climate of openness and trust
  • Learning from experience

Key Programmes

Language Culture
Drama in Phonics (P1 and P2) MTL Fortnight
Let’s Read (P1-6) P4 Learning Journey to Bukit Chandu
Tahu Nahu (Grammar) (P1-6) Pesta Bahasa dan Budaya
Gen G (Socrative) (P4 and P5) P3 Cultural Camp

Spelling Bee (P1 and P2)

Creative Writing Programme (P3-6)

ML Ambassador Programme (P4-5)



We aim to inculcate the love for Malay Language in our pupils so that they can be effective users of the language and to uphold the Malay heritage and cultural values. Pupils will be confident speakers and be able to interact with others effectively using the MT language. They will be self-directed learners with perseverance in achieving excellence for the language and stay strong rootedness in own culture and understanding the diversity of other cultures and respecting them.

The teaching and learning of Malay Language also emphasize the infusion of ICT, apart from other printed resources. Students need to be given the opportunity to explore a repertoire of resources to access knowledge and use ICT in their teaching and learning activities such as during presentation of projects.

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